Our Products for the pharmacy segment go beyond just managing the retail or stockist's operations. They are designed with the aim of ensuring operations are efficiently run, cutting down cycle times in ordering and delivery, and reduce losses arising due to expired stock. Our products have inbuilt capability to view information on stock movement trends, thereby ensuring ordering of new items is in line with sales trends.

Sea.Pharma - Retail Solutions

With over 1000 pharmacies using Sea.Pharma to efficiently run pharmacies, the product has helped retailers save money from losses arising due to expired drugs. A very practical and simple product available in 3 variants to suit the size and nature of operations.

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Sea.Dist - Stockist Solutions

Sea.Dist helps manage stockist operations efficiently and in real-time, with an advanced reporting tool, that has built in intelligence to provide data that forecasts demand. The software integrates with Sea.Pharma and extends standard interfaces to the Pharma manufacturer, thereby managing the supply chain.

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