Patient Engagement Platform – HIPPO

Keystone Healthcare’s Healthcare Integrated Platform for Professional Operation (HIPPO) is a cloud-based patient engagement platform, which allows doctors to proactively monitor and chat with their patients post discharge. Ideally, the patient would have undergone several weeks to months of treatment within the hospital. Post discharge, the patient would like to get some of the queries answered by the doctor. With HIPPO, patients do not need to make appointments and spend hours in traffic to meet their doctors to get their minor queries answered. They can now have peace of mind that their doctor is just a tap away.


What is patient engagement? Patient engagement is used to describe everything from patient portals to social media strategies, from tracking vitals with wearable to patients actively participating in their own health and wellness. Keystone Healthcare has developed a platform called HIPPO (Healthcare Integrated Platform for Professional Operation) that allows hospitals to be in touch with their patients and give them constant care post discharge for a defined period.


Using the HIPPO platform, a doctor can monitor a patient’s recovery progress post discharge for a specific duration using predefined tracking templates.


A doctor can define a specific post recovery monitoring template and ask the patient to update them on a periodic basis. The patient can post any queries to doctor and the doctor can respond to these queries.



How does HIPPO help a patient?

  • Patients can be in constant touch with their doctors post discharge
  • Update the post discharge progress regularly

How does HIPPO help the doctors?

  • Doctors can access medical history and recovery progress of the patient
  • Non intrusive, may look at it when free

How does HIPPO help the Hospitals?

  • Care beyond hospital creates a connect between the patient and the Hospital
  • More referrals because of care beyond hospital
  • Monetize the service if required