LabAutomate, as the name suggests this product completely automates report generation process and avoids any human errors by reading the data directly from Lab equipments.

Have you had the following instances in your Diagnostic centers?

  • Doctors send back reports indicating that the readings are incorrect
  • Wrong tests are conducted for a patient

Laboratory error is defined as any defect ranging from ordering tests to reporting and interpretation of results. Laboratory errors while reporting test results have a huge impact on diagnosis and patient management as 60–70% of all diagnosis are made based on laboratory test reports. The total testing process in the laboratory is a cyclical process divided into three phases: Pre-Analytical, Analytical and Post-Analytical.

Firstly, in the pre-analytical phase, the requirement for a test is determined by the doctor and the test is ordered for the identified patient. It is followed by specimen collection and transporting the test samples to the laboratory. The specimen is prepared and tested in the analytical phase.

The Post-analytical phase is more error prone than the other phases because of human intervention. During the post-analytical phase, the results are updated in to the Diagnostic Management Software and reported back to patient. As these results are updated manually, there is a possibility of human error where incorrect reports are delivered to the patients. To avoid this issue, Keystone Healthcare has developed a Machine Interface module that removes human intervention and adds an additional step of validation by the lab technician.  We have developed  interfaces for the below machines


  • ARK Diagnostics CKK Lyte
  • Biolis Bio Lis 30i
  • Biolyte Daytona
  • Biomerieux Minividas
  • BioSystem Analyzer A15
  • Caratine
  • Celenium Celenium Junior
  • Celenium Cobas B 121
  • Diasys 900
  • Durai
  • EasyLyte Expand
  • Erba Chem 5 plus 2.0
  • Erba ECL 105
  • Erba EM 200
  • GMI Chemwell 290
  • Horiba ABX Micros 60
  • Horiba Pentra ES 60
  • Horiba Yumezen H500
  • Mindray BC 5380
  • MISPA I2
  • Nulyte Smart
  • Ortho Clinical Diagnostics Veritos
  • RadioMeter ABL 80 FLUX
  • Roche Cobas C 111
  • Swelab Alfa Manual Operating
  • Sysmax XP 100
  • Sysmax XS 100
  • Sysmax XS 1000
  • Sysmax KX21-CBC
  • Sysmex LIS Simulator
  • Thosiba
  • Tosoh AIA 360
  • Unitra
  • Urinea

In the case you are already using some Diagnostic Management software for billing and want to avoid these human interventions, our machine interface software LabAutomate can be integrated with your existing software. Please contact us for more details.