Clinic Solutions

Sea.Care is the perfect solution to meet the needs of your clinic. The Solution is available in two variants, Sea.Care Standard, which is setup within your premises and, Sea.Care -Cloud, a hosted platform providing advanced features like electronic health records, analytics and allows accessing patient and appointments over a Tablet PC, thereby reducing your entire infrastructure to just a tablet PC which you can carry around. Just sign up and you are ready to go, with flexible billing models.

Sea.Care Standard

Sea.Care Standard is a light weight client server application, that can be used by any Clinic or Polyclinic with any discipline. The product works seamlessly along side sea.Pharma and Sea.Diag providing features like Patient Appointments, Patient registration, Patient History, Follow Up examination, e-Prescription, Special data capture for Orthopedic / Ophthalmic / Diabetic / General Clinics, generating Patient records, Billing / Payments / Refunds & Reports based on data captured

Sea.Care Enterprise

A complete and state of the art, clinic management solution that provides all the features available with Sea.Care - standard, conforming to standards like HL7, HIPPA in a secure and highly available manner. This information can be accessed over a Tablet PC (Android & IPAD), and whats better, you pay as you use. Try out the software for a 30 day period completely free. sign up.