Assisted Reproductive Technology Management Solution


Keystone Healthcare’s cloud hosted ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology) Management Solution is one of the most comprehensive ART management solution that provides complete tracking and recording of infertility treatments, clinical procedures and processes.  The product is designed to be user friendly for all the stakeholders.


  • Patient Registration with Medical and Family History
  • Donor & Surrogate Registration
  • Medical and Family History
  • Treatment Planning
  • Advance Payment Management
  • Cycle Billing
  • Follicular Tracking
  • Diagnostic Management
  • Various Statistical Reports
  • SMS and Email Alerts
  • Cycle Planning & Tracking

Keystone’s Infertility Management module is hosted on Microsoft’s Azure cloud as opposed to an on-premise installation. Theoretically, on-premise installations require in-house hardware, software licenses, regular maintenance and active support from the IT department of the organization that makes it very expensive for the Hospitals/Infertility clinics. Cloud hosting can save Hospitals/Clinics a lot of up front and on-going IT expenses by reducing hardware, software and internal IT costs. The low cost of entry of hosted applications and the savings of not paying a huge up-front investment are best reasons to start using the cloud hosted solution.