Apply for Partnership

If you are interested in associating with us as a partner, please do mail us at

We have a 3 stage enrollment process for our partners, and we try to keep each level informal and simple, and all through trying to evaluate if the association is beneficial to both.

Stage 1 - We receive your mail with the following details
a) Name of Organization
b) Turnover of the company
c) Directors profile
d) Partnership intended for which product
e) Category of Partnership
f) Region of Partnership

Stage 2 - Once we receive your application request we process the same to ensure that there is no conflict of similar partnership in the same category/ region. We avoid having 2 representatives in the same area, unless in exceptionally rare cases. Once our team is satisfied with the data submitted in stage 1, we will mail you a business plan template. This is essentially to help you think through how you will benefit from this partnership.

Stage 3 - On receipt of our business plan and supporting documentation, we engage in a discussion with you to help you fine tune the business plan. This is sent across to our partner team to finalize the partnership.

The entire process will be completed in about 10 days, from the time of submission of the application.