About Us

Keystone Healthcare Technologies P Ltd (earlier known as Searock Infotech), is a focused healthcare solutions provider since 1999. The company caters to Pharmaceutical, Hospital and Diagnostic segments with clients ranging from Small, Medium and Enterprise level. We make products that are futuristic and may we say, helps keep our customers a step ahead of the game.

Our story started two decades ago, when we implemented our solution at Rajashekar Hospital in Bangalore. With a few talented engineers and under the guidance of Ms Usha Kesari, we completed our implementation of the Hospital Information Management System at the hospital in less than a few months. Our Product was built on the principles of what is today called 'Service Oriented Architecture', in a modular fashion that each module sits on a preceding basic module, enabling customers to add IT capability as they grow, on demand.

Today, the Organisation has over 300 hospitals run our HIMS Product (Sea.Doc). Apart from our HIMS Product we also have launched (in the year 2000) and served a Pharmaceutical ecosystem well for many years now, our Software for the Pharma segment spans, Pharma retail, Pharma Distributors and integrates with Pharma Manufactures, thereby connecting the entire supply chain and fulfilling our vision for the pharma segment. Today over 1500 Pharmacies run Pharma.Sea in Bangalore alone & over 25 Large Distributors run Sea.Dist to manage their supply chain

In 2012, we made a paradigm shift, in changing our outlook from being a software provider for today, to being a provider for Tomorrow. This we believe is necessary with the fast changing needs of the Healthcare industry in the domestic and International markets. With the change in legal and statutory requirements, the need to mine data for meaningful information and delivering that information at the 'point of need' is emerging as the corner stone of accountability. We in our products combine Advanced Analytics and Mobility to deliver this, into the market place. We have set up a lab which researches into Technology and through market research, ensures Technology can be used to bring to our customers products that are a breed apart.

Searock becomes a P Ltd company in the year 2012, as Keystone Healthcare Technologies P Ltd.